Mindful Performance

Set Your Intention.
Be Open to the Possibilities.

As a clinical psychologist and yoga instructor, Dr. Herrera-Hamilton utilizes mindfulness strategies with athletes, coaches, parents and professionals to enhance performance, mental toughness, confidence and physicality. Knowing that effective healing and growth doesn’t only involve psychotherapy. Dr. Herrera-Hamilton works with a team of yoga, nutrition and mindfulness experts to assist the client in meeting their goals.

Let’s face it — psychotherapy, while effective, can be expensive. At Neurohealth Specialists, Inc. we view psychotherapy as one of three primary elements in health and wellness, the others being exercise and nutrition. When you are making good exercise and nutrition choices, you’re likely to get more from psychotherapy, increase your functioning and optimize your potential.

During your first consultation appointment, we will work with you on identifying your goals for home, work and/or on the field. Then we map out an affordable, individualized health and wellness plan involving exercise, nutrition, and other resources (e.g., apps, audio books, podcasts, classes) to help you achieve your goals.