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Neuropsychological Exam

Neuropsychological Exam is an assessment of brain functioning. The goal of exam is to clarify the neuropsychological profile including intelligence, executive functions (such as planning, organization, complex reasoning), attention, memory, language, perception, sensorimotor functions, motivation, mood state and emotion, quality of life, and personality styles.

Individuals with a history of brain injury (e.g., trauma, concussion) or medical condition affecting brain functioning (e.g., genetic disorder, neurological condition, seizures) can benefit from this examination.

Assessment is personalized based on the referring physician’s referring questions (e.g., primary concerns) or the patient’s symptoms or challenges in functioning at home, school, work, community or social settings.

Psychoeducational Assessment

School age children, adolescents and young adults who experience attentional difficulties, learning challenges and low or underachievement, can benefit from these evaluations. Secondary factors such as interpersonal difficulties, academic performance anxiety and mood difficulties are also evaluated.

In order to determine if someone has a learning disability, psychoeducational assessment is necessary. This assessment compares a person’s intellectual potential, information processing, and developmental history with a person’s current academic achievement.

Concerns can include: reading, math, spelling difficulties, processing difficulties, ADHD/ADD.

Atypical Learning Styles

Exam provides an objective and systematic way to identify individuals with above average thinking and reasoning abilities. Findings are often used as benchmarks for entrance into specific programs.

Above average cognitive skills is not always synonymous with academic success. Atypical learners can have discrepancies in learning abilities (e.g., strong reasoning skills but slow processing speed) or different learning styles (e.g., visual learners).

Exam can help clarify cognitive and learning profile to determine optimal academic placement and needs for academic accommodations to optimize strengths and support areas of challenge.

Independent Medical Examination

Dr. Herrera-Hamilton conducts neuropsychological examination for litigation purposes. She specializes in children, adolescents and young adults with a history of brain injury. Herrera-Hamilton has served as an independent reviewer, independent examiner and expert witness. For more information please contact Dr. Herrera-Hamilton directly at via email at

Psychotherapeutic Consultation & Treatment

Education Advocacy includes consultation regarding academic placement and attaining special education services for your child. Dr. Herrera-Hamilton has a strong track record assisting families in navigating public and private school settings to determine eligibility for special education services, attaining services with qualified educators and advocating for placement in the appropriate classroom setting or education program.

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